Chalkboard Designs

by Misa

Custom Chalkboard and Artwork

Hand-drawn, handcrafted and smudge-free permanent chalkboard art.

About me


I am a chalkboard artist based in Washington State. I first learned about chalk art in Australia. The rich and vibrant color on the blackboard caught my eye and inspired me to learn chalk art. I studied various chalk art techniques in Australia in 2006 and became certified to teach chalk art in 2009. I spent the next 10 years in my home country, Japan, teaching chalk art and creating chalkboards for local businesses and private occasions. Some of my most popular designs were my wedding boards and my menu and welcome boards for local restaurants. I came to Washington in 2021. This is a new challenge for me and I am excited to share my work in my new surroundings. My chalkboards are 100% hand-drawn and handcrafted. I am passionate about each chalkboard I create. Vivid color hand-drawn art looks very sharp on a blackboard. My hope is to add a touch of texture and charm to your place. I am looking forward to creating original boards with you. Thank you for reading and stopping by.


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